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This is my blog where I will occasionally post some tips for website maintenance/development and updates on my recent open source projects.

Customer Relationship Manager [Open Source Project]

I have been looking around for a good yet simple customer relationship manager to use and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I wanted a CRM where I could add clients, assign projects to those clients and then also create invoices which can optionally be assigned to a specific project. I also wanted clients to be able to pay invoices through the web application securely. Oh well, if you can’t find it, so why not make it?

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How to Secure a WordPress Site Properly

So as we know, I love using WordPress! But as with all software, you need to ensure it is secure! In this post I will go over how to secure a WordPress site properly! I will go over ways you can secure your on site pages such as your admin dashboard and also ways you can secure your server if you are using a VPS or Dedicated server.

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