This driver, created by Shivam Paw, integrates with your Office365 Calendar to provide you with the ability to view events you have set to occur today and in the next 7 weeks right from your Control4 navigator. The driver can also hold various bits of information about your events that you can easily use in Composer programming. The driver also, as of December 2019, provides the ability to create events from Control4 navigators.

This driver enhances user functionality by providing an easy way to access and manage your calendar as part of your whole home automation system. You can also make use of your home automation in sync with your Office365 Calendar events to come up with many different use cases. For example, if you have an event called Light’s off, you can have Control4 turn off all your house lights.

The driver can be downloaded from BlackWire Designs

Privacy Policy

Your data is requested so that it can be stored on your director and shown on Control4 navigators. The data is also used for programming notifications. This is done for each event. Your data is not sent to any 3rd parties during this process. Your personal detail is not stored or accessed with this driver.

Your calendar data is accessed via the Microsoft Graph Calendar API and you are authenticated via OAuth. None of your personal calendar/event data is stored by BlackWire Designs or the creator of this driver. All data is stored locally on your Control4 director. We do not share your data with third parties.