Hotel St Pierre, a hotel based in Wakefield, needed a way to create and sell tickets for events they host. Their previous process was a manual one where they took payments over the phone or on the day. I created an Events Booking System for them to streamline their approach and improve efficiency.

An important part of this web app development was keeping it flexible so that the Hotel Manager could add and modify events easily. They also wanted to be able to take payments online and have various scheduled emails sent out.

Web App Features

The main features of the events booking system were:

  • Having the ability to add limited time/use coupons for events
  • Allowing payments to be taken online via Stripe
  • Having an exportable PDF of all the bookings with extra details such as rooms booked & special requests
  • Having an email sent out the day before the event with the exportable PDF details
  • Ability to clone events to make recurring events easy to handle
  • Having multiple ticket types per event
  • Be able to issue refunds for payments

The web application was built with the Laravel framework and with MySQL.

Need a Web Application?

If you need a web application built, be it a website or a fully fledged web application then get in touch with me so we can figure something out! 🙂