Medical Studies Europe are an agency that assist students who want to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary science get into a European university. They required a web application and approached me to make develop it.

Medical Studies Europe

Required Features

The following are some of the features that were required as part of the web application.

  • Admins can create franchises and enter the details such as location, contact details etc.
  • Admins can add Universities to the universities page.
    • A PDF document must be uploadable and viewable so that franchises can see the PDF document.
  • Franchises can created clients who are then assigned to that franchise and can not be edited by any other franchise.
  • Franchises can request clients to upload documents which the client can then upload through the web application.
  • Franchises can update the status of the client and can filter through clients by name, status etc.
  • 2 way chat between franchises and clients.
  • Clients can view application status by logging in.
  • Email integration for chat messages, document requests/uploads and client/franchise creation.

When building a web application it is very important to have a proper idea of how everything will work so you can make the application scalable from day one.

Technical Details

The web application was built using PHP and MySQL with Bootstrap as the front end design. The design needed to look similar to the main site and be easy to navigate on all devices. Making the web app mobile friendly meant that the users can use it on the go which has obvious advantages.

If you require a web application then be sure to get in touch with me and let me know! 🙂