Target Training is part of a family owned company, Prima Healthcare, who were having all their sites redesigned. This site required a small eCommerce side to it where users can select the courses they want, pay for it via PayPal and then receive email confirmations and have their contact details saved in the database.

The Old Site

The old target training site was similar to the old Prima Healthcare site. It used a table layout and it also used images as headings which meant search engines never picked up those headings which hampered the sites search engine rankings.

The redesign led the site looking similar to the Prima Healthcare site to keep a relationship between the companies sites.

Technical Details

I used Bootstrap for the front-end design because that made responsiveness easier to sort out especially when it came to the our courses page which required a table.

For the contact form I used PHP and I had to dig into the ASP code to rework how the users details get entered into the database. The site also required SSL installation to ensure all users details are safe, though no credit card details are stored on the site as it utilises PayPal.

The Final Site

Target Training

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