I have been looking around for a good yet simple customer relationship manager to use and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I wanted a CRM where I could add clients, assign projects to those clients and then also create invoices which can optionally be assigned to a specific project. I also wanted clients to be able to pay invoices through the web application securely. Oh well, if you can’t find it, so why not make it?

I will soon be using this customer relationship manager for myself, I just need to squash any last bugs first! Once it is live all of my clients will be able to see it in action! 🙂

Customer Relationship Manager built with Laravel.

Project Details

I decided to use the PHP Laravel Framework to start with. It is my go to framework for PHP web applications. I also decided that I want to keep the project as open source so I decided to make it a repo on my GitHub profile. This way, other developers can contribute to it, reports issues and it can be made into something a lot bigger and better! You can checkout the repo here.

Feature List

So the features of the web application are as follows:

  • Easy install, you need to run a few commands and it will create a super admin for you. A super admin is an admin with the ID of 1.
  • The super admin can create and manage admins.
  • Admins can create and manage clients.
  • Admins can create projects for clients. Projects have a title and a PDF file where the admin can attach the full project details.
  • Admins can create invoices for clients. Invoices can have unlimited items and an optional notes section. Invoices can also optionally be linked to a project.
  • Clients can view their projects and invoices.
  • Clients can mark a project as “agreed”. This can be used as proof that the client accepts any terms and conditions.
  • Clients can pay an invoice using the web application. Once paid they are sent a receipt and confirmation email via email.
  • Clients get emails when a new invoice is generated and a new project is created. The PDF file is also attached to the new project email.
  • Emails sent when new accounts are created.

Those are the main features I have implemented in this customer relationship manager. Many more will come and if you have any suggestions then be sure to let me know!

Frontend Design

I used Bootstrap 4 for the frontend design. Bootstrap 4 is currently (21st November 2016) in alpha so there will definitely be changes as it moves along into beta and stable releases.

Need A Web Application?

Do you need a web application built? Be sure to get in touch with me with the details of what you are looking for and I am sure we can work something out! 🙂